Welcome to the Digital Imaging Group of London Website


The Digital Imaging Group (DIG) of London was established in 2006. DIG is a group of Medical Doctors, Scientists, and Engineers dedicated to improving and advancing digital medical imaging. We are based in London, Ontario, Canada spread across a number of hospitals and research facilities with affiliations throughout the medical and academic communities in London.

This group aims at bridging the gap between the technically oriented research community and clinically oriented researchers. The objective of our research is to investigate, develop, and utilize new digital techniques in order to facilitate the translation of novel research into the clinical diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy of disease. The DIG of London aims at encouraging collaboration between medical doctors, computer scientists, and engineers from industrial partners to accelerate the development of novel clinical tools in the PACS environment.

We believe that, with our partners in medical imaging, the DIG of London will enhance the international reputation of London and Canada for imaging and patient care.