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Dr. Shuo Li, general chair of MICCAI 2022



Dec. 2018: Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

2019 NY


Jan. 2018: One of our recent work published in Medical Image Analysis Journal is highlighted in the communication of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Wufeng Xue, Gary Brahm, Sachin Pandey, Stephanie Leung, Shuo Li, Full Left Ventricle Quantification via Deep Multitask Relationships Learning, Medical Image Analysis (MedIA), 43: 54-65, 2018

2018 MIAJ Highlight


Dec. 2017: Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

2018 NY


Oct. 2017: Dr. Shuo Li delivered a Keynote in CVIS 2017: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging - A frontline Researcher's Perspective


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